UESUGI Dedicating Ourselves to Make the Environment Better…UESUGI Japanese
Dedicating Ourselves to Make the Environment Better…UESUGI
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UESUGI 1-32, Amagasuka-cho, Yokkaichi, Mie Tel: +81-59-365-6800 Fax: +81-59-363-2055
Company Profile
Business name
Katsuharu Uesugi
Keiji Uesugi
6 officers besides President
Location of Head Office and Plant
1-32, Amagasuka-cho, Yokkaichi, Mie
Tel: +81-59-365-6800 Fax: +81-59-363-2055
Date of establishment
April 10, 1921
30,000,000 yen
History of a Company
October 1964 :
Uesugi Bussan Yugen Kaisha.
May 1978 :
Uesugi Bussan Co., Ltd.
April 1982 :
Uesugi Product Co., Ltd.
December 1988 :
Address change due to the relocation of Head Office and Plant
Number of employees
Area of Head Office and Plant

9,900m2 (3,000 tsubo) Second Warehouse : 856m2 (259 tsubo) Warehouse building area : 1,980m2 (600 tsubo)

Office area : 495m2 (150 tsubo)

Head Office material yard area : 6,600m2 (1,400 tsubo)

3 work groups, 2 forger groups, 2 scaffolding worker groups
Business lines
(1) Nonferrous Metals Product and Iron Scrap Recycling
Trading of scraps generated by factories 〈Terminals containing noble metals (PCB)〉
(2) Demolition
Dismantlement of machines and equipment, demolition of  chemical plant equipment, demolition of tank equipment, scrapping of cars, demolition of general buildings, etc.
(3) Covered Electric Wires Recycling
Automatic sorting/processing of covered electric wire scraps 〈Scraps of electric wires, instrument wires, communication cables, automobile wire harnesses and hair wires〉
(4) Zero Emission
Collection, transportation, treatment, incineration, landfill disposal and other processing (recycling) of wastes generated by factories
(5) Tank Cleaning
Tank cleaning 〈including cleanup and tank wall thickness inspection〉
Business license
Secondhand Article Handling License, General Construction License, Machinery Installation License, Demolition License, Scaffolding Work License, Industrial Waste Disposal License (by Mie, Osaka, Aichi, Gifu and Shizuoka Prefectures and Nagoya, Toyota, Okazaki, Gifu, Nara, Kita-kyushu and Himeji Cities)
Hyakugo Bank, Tomida Branch
Japan Finance Corporation, Tsu Branch
The Mie Bank, Ltd., Kuwana Corporate Sales Dept.
Access Map
Access Map Head office Map around head office(PDF)