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Dedicating Ourselves to Make the Environment Better…UESUGI
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Environmental Management System
Introduction of ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems,an international standard, as a business organization involved directly in the environment
“Environmental management system” is a system of management designed for business organizations to reduce the burden on the environment voluntarily and continuously, and “ISO14001” is an international standard for the environmental management systems. We are promoting the environmental improvement by performing our environmental management system under this international standard, roughly dividing our specific activities into four steps, and operating these steps continuously.
“Four steps” of the environmental management systems
  1. 1.PLAN To set a goal, and design processes to realize the goal
  2. 2.DO To put the PLAN into practice, and measure its performance
  3. 3.CHECK To evaluate the measurement results, compare the results with the goal, and do other analysis work
  4. 4.ACT To take measures necessary for the continuous improvement or betterment of the processes
PDCA Cycle
Environmental Policy
〈Basic philosophy〉
Environmental problems are serious and decisive for the continued existence of all humanity in that their adverse effects and disasters expand on a global scale and extend to the next and subsequent generations. On the other hand, one of the important responsibilities each of us assumes is to keep the earth, invaluable property, in the normal state and hand it over to the next generation as it is. In order to fulfill such responsibility, Uesugi actively works on the environmental preservation of the earth and promote our corporate activities to make our society recycling-oriented.
〈Environmental policy〉
All employees of Uesugi recognize the adverse effects on the environment and promote the activities for the environmental preservation of the earth through our products and services, i.e., collection, transportation and intermediate treatment of industrial wastes.
We set the environmental objective and goal, perform the environmental improvement plan, review the results of such performance periodically, and thereby prevent the environmental pollution and contamination and improve our environmental management system.
We observe the environmental laws and regulations and other environmental requirements we have accepted. On the other hand, we put an organization and system for environmental management in place, and keep the environmental regulations updated.
We promote the following activities as important themes of our environmental preservation activities:
To promote the recycling of industrial wastes actively and as much as possible
To promote the effective use of resources and the energy saving actively
To promote the reinforcement of equipment and the development of treatment technology
We have this environmental policy completely known to all employees of ours and all persons working for us, and also make it open to the public.