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Dedicating Ourselves to Make the Environment Better…UESUGI
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Hospital Waste Disposal
We are collecting, transporting and disposing of specially controlled industrial wastes (infectious wastes) generated by medical institutions (e.g., hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratory institutions). By using dedicated plastic containers (or cardboard boxes), we can dispose of hospital wastes safely without fail.
〈What are the specially controlled industrial wastes?〉
They are industrial wastes that may cause disasters affecting human health or life environment. Example … Industrial wastes that are explosive, toxic or infectious
Classification of hospital wastes we are handling
Main item Disposal
Sharp items Surgical knives, Injector needles, Razors, Test tubes, Vial containers, Disposable injection syringes, Autosuture, Culture media, Wires, Preparations, Spitz, Cover glass, Metal products used for operations, Others Incineration, melting, landfill or recycling
Unsharp items Blood transfusion packs, Blood transfusion lines, Urine packs, Intravenous lines, Gauzes, Drains, Swabs, Disposable gloves, Absorbent cottons, Urine glasses, Sterile glasses, Drapes, Sanitary napkins, Gowns, Disposable aprons, Tongue depressors, Disposable underpants, Sheets, Others
Liquid items Waste blood, Extracted organs, Blood products, Blood collection tubes, Blood transfusion bags, Others
Paper diapers Paper diapers
Dialysis treatment items Dialysis treatment items
Main item Disposal
Waste plastics Intravenous bottles, Intravenous bags Incineration, melting or recycling
Glass scraps Intravenous bottles, Medicine bottles
Waste acids Radiographic fixing solution, Formalin Neutralization, incineration
Waste alkalis Radiographic developing solution
Hospital waste recycling flow
Hospital wastes are disposed safely without fail by using collection boxes dedicated to hospital wastes.