UESUGI Dedicating Ourselves to Make the Environment Better…UESUGI Japanese
Dedicating Ourselves to Make the Environment Better…UESUGI
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What We Must Protect to Establish Better Environment
“Ingenuity and recycling to ensure safety”that comes from the awareness of the harmfulness of industrial wastes to the environment
Living things essentially produce wastes in the course of their activities. Particularly, human beings are producing a high volume of industrial wastes (i.e., garbage) as a result of their activities to promote industries and improve their own lives. If these industrial wastes are buried under the ground as they are without appropriate treatment, some may break into spontaneous flames and cause fire disasters, some may penetrate into groundwater and some may run out into ditches, exerting serious influence on the natural environment. In order to dispose of industrial wastes appropriately while maintaining the natural environment in its original state, it is necessary to remove all dangerous materials from industrial wastes before disposing of them in landfills.
As implied by a saying that wastes (garbage) are treasure-troves, when dangerous materials are removed from wastes by sorting (e.g., separation, selection), wastes may turn to recyclable materials. In the future, technical development for thermal recycle and material recycle will be advanced, and, as a result, the production of wastes (garbage) will be reduced substantially. Also, if small and medium business companies, as well as large companies producing a high volume of wastes, bring thorough waste sorting and separation into action, it will be apparently realistic that days with no wastes (garbage) will come in the not so distant future.
We are trying willingly to help produce recyclable materials from wastes by practicing originality and ingenuity while always considering environmental safety.
Ability of changing “junking” to “reusing”

Today, in the 21st century, protecting the "rich environment" sustaining all lives of living things on the earth is a very important theme. In the 20th century, human beings produced, consumed and discarded materials in large quantities for the development of their civilization, aggravating various environmental problems (e.g., global warming, global desertification). In the early 21st century, a century of the environment, it is an urgent global assignment to establish a sustainable, recycle-oriented society by promoting the effective utilization of limited resources.
As our mission, we are dealing squarely with the global environmental problems and resource depletion issues. In order for us to fulfill this important mission, we will keep working hard to meet your expectations while building up our ability to recycle useful materials separated from wastes produced by human affluent lives and industrial activities.