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Dedicating Ourselves to Make the Environment Better…UESUGI
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Nonferrous Metals Product Recycling
Nonferrous metal products are really various. They are used in various ways, have a wide variety, and are made into various alloys according to the use. To recycle them, they should be sorted exactly according to the material and type, and recycled properly. We not only collect and transport them but also scrap and segregate them on process points and recycle them properly and effectively.
Empty can recycling
Recycling of nonferrous metal products
Copper related
Electric wires and cables, copper pipes, copper plates and sheets,
copper alloys (e.g., brass, gunmetal)
Window sash, window sash with screws, aluminum wheels,
aluminum from engines, PS plates, aluminum cans
Stainless steel related
Stainless steel scraps, sinks, bathtub
Lead related
Lead, solder, zinc
Nonferrous metal product recycling flow
Nonferrous metal product recycling flow